Badger Pressure Control is firmly committed to operating all of its facilities and projects in a safe, efficient manner and in compliance with all applicable safety, health, and environmental regulations. Our goal is to provide an injury free work environment where facilities and projects are free of recognized hazards; and people, equipment and the environment are not placed at unreasonable risk of injury or damage.

Badger believes that our most valuable resource is our people. Quality and productivity are critical to our operations, but they will never take precedence over the safety of personnel or protection of the environment. Badger aggressively trains each employee in all aspects of safety to ensure that they know the hazards of the work sight and are able to identify them and handle them appropriately. Teamwork and compliance with industry safety standards, procedures and rules will help us achieve our goal of an injury free work environment.


Badger Pressure Control LLC


P.O. Box 1246
Woodward, OK 73802
P: (580) 256-9555 • F: (580) 256-9559

Badger Pressure Control LLC was founded in 2007 with the goal of becoming one of the leading specialty contractors in the oil and gas industry. Badger is dedicated to servicing our customers with the most reliable, efficient and price competitive service solutions in the industry while protecting the environment and our valued employees.

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P.O. Box 1246 Woodward, OK 73802 P: (580) 256-9555 • F: (580) 256-9559              Email Login