Big Bore

Badger’s big bore snubbing unit package has been put together for drilling rig and casing applications. This unit is constructed to snub tubulars up to 7-5/8 in diameter and handle up to 450,000 lbs. of heavy weight. The 11” bore will accommodate the bigger tools that are required in these types of applications. The big bore unit has a 10 ft. snubbing stroke, will push 94,000 lbs. of force and pull 170,000 lbs. of weight. The design of the big bore snubbing unit minimizes rig up and rig down time needed on drilling rig applications.


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Badger Pressure Control LLC was founded in 2007 with the goal of becoming one of the leading specialty contractors in the oil and gas industry. Badger is dedicated to servicing our customers with the most reliable, efficient and price competitive service solutions in the industry while protecting the environment and our valued employees.

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